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Lawyers at Brickley/Sears, P.A. handle many types of cases for their clients. The specifics for each practice area are outlined below. 
Family Law




Securities Arbitration


If you have been a victim of investment fraud including stocks, commodities,
options, limited partnerships, short sales trading, margin trading and day trading,
we would be pleased to evaluate your case. Our firm works with a variety of
securities experts to assist you with your legal needs.

Business Law and Litigation


Many investment and business disputes cannot be resolved with negotiation.Arbitration or business litigation may bring about a solution. When an investor feels their broker or investment advisor has not acted ethically or committed fraud and there is a substantial financial loss due to the broker’s behavior, there maybe a remedy. Mr. Sutherland is a member of the Public Investor’s Arbitration Bar Association and has represented individuals involving such claims for over twenty-five years. He has been cited as a Super Lawyer in the securities litigation field. We would be pleased to evaluate your case.

Real Estate 

When purchasing or selling a home, it is usually advisable to engage the services of a real estate lawyer. Commercial real estate owners, purchasers and sellers should also have a real estate lawyer handling their legal business to ensure that everything is done according to the law, especially in regard to leasing, buying, or selling property, as well as real estate development and financing. Your real estate lawyer is responsible for the preparation and review of purchase and sale agreements, advice on negotiation and financing options, real estate-related litigation, and other services related to real estate transactions.

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